Myanmar Honey Farms Company Limited

The Apiculture & Premium Honey Products Manufacturing Company

Myanmar Honey Farms Company and Nectar World Apiculture Company are a member Companies of Waaneiza Worldwide Corporate Companies. The Responsibilities are Beekeeping, Honey Procurement, Honey Processing, Honey Products Production, Distribution & Sales of Premium Honey Products in Local & International Markets.

About Us

Honey Manufacturing

Nectar World Apiculture Company Limited

Apiculture & Honey Procurement

Divisions into two Value-chains:
  1. 1. Apiculture & Honey Procurement
  2. 2. Honey Processing & Finished Products Production & Distribution
Myanmar Honey Farms Company Limited

Honey Processing & Finished Products Production & Distribution

Nectar World Apiculture Beekeeping Company

Its Activities:

  • Apiculture Knowledge Sharing

  • Beekeeping

  • Beekeeping Materials Sales & Distribution

  • Honey Suppliers Relationship

  • Honey Procurement

  • Partners Beekeepers Traceability Auditing

  • Honey Suppliers Financing & Supporting

  • Searching & Analyzing Apiculture Opportunities

  • Myanmar Honey Farms Honey Products Company

    Its Activities:

  • Honey Quality Examination & Assuring

  • Honey Classification & Processing

  • Honey Storage, Blending & Quality Enhancing

  • Bulk Honey Products Manufacturing

  • Value-added Honey Products Manufacturing

  • Honey Exports & Beekeeping Materials Imports

  • Customers Servicing & Relationships

  • Searching & Analyzing Prospects