The MHF History

Mandalay Shweyi Company, the mother Company of Myanmar Honey Farms Company started relationship with many Myanmar Beekeepers in 1998 for quality honey procurement. Mandalay Shweyi utilized Quality Honey as raw material in its innovative & very popular Lemon Honey Liqueur. Mandalay Shweyi took experience in Honey Suppliers Evaluation & Honey Traceability since 1998.

In 2006, a Japanese buyer was sourcing Myanmar Honey to substitute Chinese Honey due to Chinese Products’ quality problems. After discussing & knowledge sharing with the Japanese buyer, Mandalay Shweyi started Honey Business in this year.

In 2007, Mandalay Shweyi successfully started Honey Export to Japan with Price Competitive Honey Product. In 2008, the Company’s Engineers developed owned honey Processing plant in Mandalay. It was first successful honey processing plant in Myanmar. Afterward Mandalay Shweyi increased export honey quantities year by year.

In 2008, the company started Owned Beekeeping Business in collaboration with distinguished Myanmar beekeepers & Chinese Beekeepers commercially in Myanmar.

In 2012, Myanmar Honey Farms Co., Ltd. was incorporated as new honey manufacturing company in Myanmar. The objective was to make more specific focus on honey manufacturing business.

In 2014, Myanmar Honey Farms Company got the approval of US FDA for Myanmar Honey selling in US market. It is the first Myanmar Company to US Honey Market.

In 2015, Myanmar Honey Farms Company transferred beekeeping business to Nectar World Apiculture Company. Myanmar Honey Farms shifted focus on value-added honey products and honey related products. Myanmar Honey Farms Company was awarded ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP & HALAL certificates since 2012.

In 2018, Myanmar Honey Farms Company moves honey processing factory from Mandalay to Yangon & upgrades processing and warehousing facilities according with ISO 22000, HACCP principles. The purpose is to produce world class export honey products.

Now In 2018, Myanmar Honey Farms Company preparing to get EU Approval for selling Myanmar Honey in EU Honey Market.

The Nectar World Apiculture History

In 2015, Myanmar Honey Farms Transferred Beekeeping Business to Nectar World Apiculture Company Limited.

Since 2015, Nectar World Apiculture start Beekeeping equipment & materials distribution to Myanmar beekeeper firms in collaboration with a biggest Chinese Honey Company. Nectar World Apiculture Company links updated beekeeping medicines with this Chinese Company to get conformity to demand quality of world Major Honey Markets.

Up to 2018, Nectar World Apiculture Company produces Nine Varieties of premium honey in nine months long Myanmar honey seasons. The Varieties include Jujube honey, Niger honey, Sunflower honey, Wildflower honey, Spiderwort honey, Lychee honey & Sesame honey are mainly produced in every year. In some seasons Rubber honey & Mangrove honey are produced extra ordinally.

Beekeeping In Myanmar Photo